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Podcast of the Year

Campaign Publishing

15 May 2021

Business Media Podcast of the Year

PinPoint Media's inaugural podcast 'Success Is In The Mind', which launched amid the height of the 2020 pandemic has won Business Media Podcast of the Year at the Campaign Publishing Awards!

Feedback during the ceremony was, "The judges felt this entry fully met its criteria through a podcast with a great deal of potential. An intriguing idea, fully targeted to fill a gap in the market."⁠ Read more on Campaign Live.

Success Is In The Mind host Oliver Bruce said, "Having the show recognised by Campaign is amazing. My Editor Joe and Producer Dan are buzzing to have won. We love audio as a medium and hope people enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoy making it".

Producer Dan Miller continued, "It's always fantastic to be nominated for an award, let alone win! We're so proud to have listeners all over the world and to have picked up such glowing praise from the judges."

Launched by Oliver before PinPoint Media had a podcast studio 'Success Is In the Mind' was gritty but functional initially. Recording from his desk and interviewing founders and entrepreneurs globally, Oliver says he started the podcast as he wanted to boost morale during the pandemic when so many business leaders and entrepreneurs were facing the toughest challenge of their life. Like all good things that start small and grow, Oliver and the Podcast team now record in their new purpose built 5-person studio over broadcast quality microphones and sound systems, with sound proofing and a rather large neon sign on the wall!

PinPoint Media believe the power of audio as a medium is growing, from podcasts to audio spaces such as Clubhouse. Which is why they offer hire of their purpose built studio and podcasting and audio production services to their clients. It's also why you can now listen to 'Success Is In The Mind' thanks to voice search on devices such as Alexa!

Oliver, an entrepreneur and founder himself, invites a cross section and diverse range of influential entrepreneurs and founders onto his podcast 'Success Is In The Mind' which is now in its third series. From Rory Sweet who founded RBR Networks through to the Fairfax and Favor founders, Siblings Gin brainchild, Goat co-founder Harry Hugo and the Beauty of Eczema warrior Camille Knowles. The guests aren't people who are defined by their net worth or business scale but instead by their backstory, drive and passion!

Kaylie Bloxham, Founder of Bloxham PR, one of 'Success Is In The Mind' sponsors said, "The roster of owner operator entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders that Oliver has secured as interviewees for Success is in the Mind makes for seriously engaging listening. Inspiring and motivating in equal measure, success is most definitely on the mind after listening, proving the Podcast to be a powerful tool for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders alike. We are incredibly proud to partner with Pinpoint Media for the Podcast, helping to promote the series."

The purpose of 'Success Is In The Mind' is not to speak about the millions, fast cars and large houses associated with growing a business, instead, it's to speak about the trials, tribulations, barriers, hurdles and mindset required to take your idea from exactly that, through to something of scale, worth and sustainability.

Ranked in the top 100 podcasts on Apple Podcast for Entrepreneurship and with over 80 five star ratings clearly people globally are as interested in the stories told as Oliver is... Check it out here:

Apple Podcasts | Spotify

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