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Investments and aquasitions relating to Oliver Bruce and his companies. 


OpenAI is a U.S. based artificial intelligence (AI) research organisation founded in December 2015, researching artificial intelligence with the goal of developing "safe and beneficial" artificial general intelligence, which it defines as "highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work". OpenAI are the owners and innovators of ChatGPT.


Angel Investor

We designed Mixtons for anyone who believes that the best things happen when you step away from the old-fashioned and the ordinary, and into the uknown.


Angel Investor

Founders Capital is a group of over 200 entrepreneurs turned Angels who invest into Europes most exciting start-ups. This invite-only investment community provides our Investors access to some of the most sought after deals in Europe

Angel Investor

Functional fitness brand made for performance.


Angel Investor

Imagine TripAdvisor without the Karens. Use Stamp for recommendations for you and by you. People on Stamp recommend everything from the locals “local” to the cultural hidden gems at your next holiday destination. Whether you’re stamping the latest spots worth bragging about or the places you’re embarrassed to love, it’s all stamp-worthy to us. Well, mostly.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 07.27.50.png

Angel Investor

Cotswold Fox Clothing crowned as the winner of Online Retail StartUp of the Year at the South West StartUp Awards 2023, is the epitome of affordable yet fashionable country wear, where timeless style meets British countryside allure.



CEO and Founder of PinPoint Media, Oliver Bruce, comments: “This acquisition is an important addition to PinPoint’s global team of marketing experts. It will allow us to further expand our direct-to-consumer performance offering as well as enable NOVA’s current and future client base access to PinPoint Media’s wider creative and strategic campaign resources.”

Anton Gabb (NOVA L) & Oliver Bruce (PinPoint R) .png
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