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Oliver Bruce a UK entrepreneur and investor speaks at the National Startup Awards giving out prizes to the startups to watch. Held in Bristol and London Oliver is often asked to speak at these events.
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Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder
7 schools, 1 GCSE, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD. 

Roei Samuel & Oliver Bruce speaking on the podcast Big Risk Energy. Oliver CEO of PinPoint Media opens by discussing crypto, blockchain and how his first business was founded at the age of 12 selling fruit and vegetables in his local visit. Filmed at the Dream Factory in London and interviewed by Roei Samuel of Connected

Oliver Bruce, founder, podcaster, investor and CEO of tech-driven content marketing agency PinPoint Media believes that his entrepreneurial flair was due to having to go against the grain at school through necessity. 


Oliver believes the education system needs to be more accessible and adapted to individuals of all backgrounds and neurological abilities. With ADHD, Dyslexic and Dyspraxia, Oliver often speaks publicly about how he believes it was at College that ‘education’ for him really took place. School he says was just too "formulaic"... 


Having started 2 multimillion pound businesses before the age of 30, one of which secured and then swiftly lost a £12million order with Amazon just weeks after launch, Oliver, claims that he’s been on the most expensive, yet valuable, MBA's anyone can do thanks to the mistakes he's made. 


Oliver Bruce CEO of PinPoint Media, entrepreneur, investor and founder holds a keynote speech at UCAS in Cheltenham. Oliver Bruce speaks about overcoming adversity, how powerful your mind can be in striving for success and how to motivate others.

Success in life is subjective, but what isn’t subjective is the determination and want Oliver has to make something bigger and more impactful than the sum of its own parts.


Growing up as a military child means regularly moving all over the world. That constant change, teamed with being neurodiverse, meant that education and learning in the normal way was never Oliver’s forte…


Coping mechanisms and an outlook on life that differed from the norm meant that businesses and entrepreneurship seemed a natural fit for Oliver, albeit unplanned. 

Oliver Bruce - UCAS Keynote Speaker

Oliver's passion has, over time, become routed in the world of start-up and scale-up life. Investing in early stage businesses such as Mixtons, Stamp and THETA whilst mentoring for the Princes Trust.


Often getting involved with debates, discussions and opinion pieces relating to performance-marketing, business, emerging tech and new markets, Oliver's breadth of knowledge is broad but passion is deep. 

In 2023, Oliver was invited as a special guest of honour to formally open SGS Create. A facility dedicated to 14-16-year-olds that enables those who may struggle with standard forms of education, specifically academia to explore creative career choices. Oliver was a former student at SGS, formally called Stroud College. 

Guest of Honour Oliver Bruce opens up SGS Create as a former student. Oliver Bruce formally opened SGS Create in front of an audience of future students and their parents and told his story about dyslexia and dyspraxia and how he overcame the education system to grow the businesses he's got today

Oliver Bruce

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